Consoles / SPEAKERS /

The Audio Centerpiece of the studio is of course the custom built 1984 Neotek Series iiic 36 channel large format analog mixing desk. Originally built for Paul Orofino of Millbrook Sound Studios and acquired by us in 2011, it has undergone extensive upgrades and restoration including a master fader insert and inboard GSSL compressor. It’s a 24 bus, 8 stereo subs, 6 aux, million point patch bay, 8 ton monster of goodness.

In addition to the main desk, we have smaller mixers from Mackie: 32x8, 1604, and a 1204. Speakers? yep: Amphion One18, JBL slr305, Avantone Mixcubes, Mackie MR5, and the bigs are a Urei 809a. Power amps by Amphion, Bryston, and Kenetek. As for converters, Universal Audio Apollo 8 and Apollo 16 mkii, RME ADI-8 Pro and two Nuendo 8 i/o, Motu Ultralite Firewire Interface, and MOTU 2408 mk2 8 channel AD/DA cover getting all the signals into the ‘puter.


Beesneez M49, Beesneez C12 (x2), Beesneez Lulu (x2), Neumann U87, Peluso 2247LE (tube LDC), Soundelux U195 (LDC), Langevin CR-3A (LDC), ADK S-7 (LDC), sE Electronics X1D, Beyerdynamic M201, Shinybox 23L (ribbon mic w/ Lundhal xsformer), AEA R84 Ribbon, Cascade Fat Head II (x2), Cascade X-14 stereo ribbon mic, Advanced Audio CM-87 (LDC), AKG 451 EB (x2), AKG D112, AKG B-ULS (x2), Heil PR-20 dynamic, Heil PR-30 dynamic, Heil PR-40 dynamic, Josephson C42(x2), Sennheiser e845 dynamic, Sennheiser e609 (lots), Sennheiser e906 (a few), Sennheiser MD421 II (x4), Sennheiser MD441, Sennheiser  MD 515, ACM-3 ribbon mics (x2), Shure SM57 (a lot), Shure SM58 (a few), Shure Beta 52, Shure SM7b, Shure 55SH, Astatic D-104, MXL CR-24 (SDC), Calrad 400, ElectroVoice Model 630, ElectroVoice 635A (x2), ElectroVoice ND44, Copperphone knockoff. (yeah i made that), Electro Harmonix 10" speaker mic, Realistic PZM, Echo Mics (a bunch)


API 512c (x4), Vintech x73i, ACMP 84 (x2), CAPI VP26 (x2), CAPI 312 (x4), Heritage Audio HA73 Elite (x2), then, of course, all the Neotek Series iiic modules in the desk


Calrec CL1070 (x2), A Designs Nail, IGS Tubecore, UA and Hairball 1176 (x3), Audio-Scape LA2A, Retro Sta Level, DBX 165, 160a (x2), Altec 1591a, GSSL stereo VCA compressor (x2), Vintech 609a stereo/dual mono, Overstayer VCA Stereo Compressor, Empirical Labs Distressor EL-8X (with Brit mod) (x2), BSS DPR-402 (x2)


In addition to all the great EQs in the desk, Classic Audio Products LC53a (x2), Drip Electronics Pultec EQP-1A (x2), Klark Technic EQPA (x2)


‘Verb / Effects

Overstayer NT-02A Saturator, Eventide H3000 SE, Lexicon PCM 70, Lexicon Prime Time 95, Roland R-880 Digital Reverb, Roland SRV2000, Electra EP-500 dual delay, Ensoniq DP/4, Realistic Stereo Reverb System (tanky!!), Sansui RA-500 Spring Reverb (boing!!), JVC ECA-102 Reverberation Amp (PING!!), Sansamp RBI bass pre amp, Electrix MoFX (distortion, flange, delay and tremelo. Non Stop Fun.), Tapco 4400 dual channel spring reverb, Vestafire Dual Spring reverb, Multivox MX-312 tape delay, Roland RE-201 Space Echo

analog and digital tape  

Otari MTR-12 1/2" 2 track , Alesis ADAT XT, Sony 670 DAT machine, Tascam 202MKIII cassette deck, Nakamichi MR-1, Sony TC-252D reel to reel, Akai GX-747 reel to reel


Late 90's Premier Signia 5 piece maple, various Ludwig Vistalites, 1967 Rodgers Holiday 5 piece (silver sparkle!), snares and kicks in all shapes and sizes, all kinds of zildjian cymbals, and more percussion tidbits than you could ever use on a project


Roland Juno 6, Prophet Rev2, Nord Electro 3, Roland SE-02, Roland VP-03, 1964 hammond m3 organ, Jaymar Piano, 1915(ish) Stuyvesant upright, Fender Rhodes, Roland TR-707, Midi controllers by Arturia, Roland Octapad II, Roland PD-21 drum trigger, various circuit bent toys and keyboards


Orange Rocker 30, 1984 Marshall JCM 800 50 watt, Weber 50w handwired JMP clone, Mesa Boogie quad pre amp, Mesa Boogie Simulclass 2:90, Peavey 6505+ (modded and belching fire), 70's Fender Bassman 50 (blackfaced by Billy Penn of Pennalizer amplification), 70’s Fender Twin, Vox AC30 TB (90's reissue), Mesa Boogie Bass 400, Ampeg 1970's SVT, Ampeg B-15nf, Ampeg 1x15 bass combo, Epiphone Valve Jr. 5watt Head, Univox U-45B 1x12 combo, Univox U-65RN 1x12 combo, Fender VM 2x12 cab (loaded with Weber Legacy 12F's), Avatar 2x12 contemporary with Celestion V30 and K100, mesa boogie vertical 2x12 closed back, marshall 1960 4X12 cab, 70's Ampeg V4 2x15, SVT 1x15 custom cab, Egnater 1x12