Submergent Recording

Tucked away in the oldest section of Middletown, NJ sits Submergent Recording: a super friendly and comfortable, fully equipped audio production shop. We're a quick 1 minute (literally) walk from the Middletown train station (easy access from NYC), and have a nice collection of gear here, a great sounding live room, and some unique instruments and other stuff to help make your record not sound like everyone else's.



I started in music at the age of 7 playing drums and along the way picked up many other instruments that are useful in helping people make records. I spent a lot of time in a lot of bands writing songs, recording them, booking and playing shows and tours, packing vans, wailing away on the drums for crowds of 12 to 25 people, sitting behind merch tables peddling our wares, etc. Does this prepare you for a career in recording? I don’t know, maybe. In addition to all the band stuff though, I am an actual Engineer... like with a degree. I DO think that can go a long way to help one make good records; which I’ve been trying to do for the better part of 25 years here on the Jersey Shore.


Submergent’s main room was designed as a single room studio with two goals in mind: 1) to provide an open multi-use space providing natural and effortless communication between performers and engineer/producer and 2) a fantastic live room sound (especially for drums). The main space is made up of a 22’ x 30’ room with 14’ ceilings and a 6’ x 6’ x 8’ isolation booth.

We can easily accommodate most bands or string/ horn sections, unless you’re scoring a major film soundtrack or are bringing in a 13 piece ska outfit. In that case you’ll need to go somewhere else. Plus we don’t have parking for all that.



My approach to mixing is completely dependent on the project, and can range from an all in the computer situation to a hybrid analog / digital approach using the various analog goodies heating up the room. If you’re game, we can also mix down to the Otari MTR-12 1/2” tape deck.

In general I like to mix on my console… but whatever the project calls for… that’s what I’ll do.

I’m happy to mix projects tracked elsewhere (and often do), so contact me to discuss projects like this and how to move forward on them.


Need some super specific synth sound created? A backing track for a commercial? Voiceover work? Audio for film touched up? Transfers of old cassettes or vinyl to digital? I got you. Contact me with details and we’ll figure out how to get you sorted.



Drums, guitar, bass tracks…. no problem. Banjo, cello, synths, keys (as long as it’s simple)… all doable. Anything I can’t play, I know people who can and will get you what you need. Check the Project Gallery for examples of session work I’ve done.